Ingo Appel

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Mr. Appel was born in Hamburg, Germany. A  Sculptor, artist, and transformative educator, his formative years in the 3-D visual arts and philosophy were strongly directed by his father, artist, and craftsman who was influenced by the Bauhaus Movement. Ingo received his BA from SUNY New Paltz and went on to study at Parsons, Columbia University, TC., ASL, and The National Academy of Design, under Antonio Antonios and Barney Hodes; Where Mr. Appel was on the Faculty and Head of the Sculpture Department. Cited by William Zimmer Regional Art Critic Of the New York Times for his work on 911, cited in collaboration with Richard Graham and Stevens Institute on the Concert of Thorns. Mr. Appel was again cited by the New York Times, for his contribution to the Arts, Architecture and Historic Preservation in relation to cross gender and cross racial imperatives. Through Villa Lewaro he co-produced and co-directed the show Sculpture and Beauty at City Center, Hammerstein Ballroom. In addition, he was recognized and honored by the National Sculpture Society where his work was shown at the prestigious Brookgreen Gardens Pawleys Island, SC. His current sculpture project is "The Angels' Door."



Sculpture: Principles and Basic Techniques
Ingo Appel

Mondays 9:30am - 12:30pm

In this course, students will gain extensive knowledge and familiarity with the technical aspects and methodology of sculpture. All media and processes will be considered, including wood, clay, metal, plaster, and more. Individual needs will be considered and addressed to find the necessary personal solution.


Sculpture: The Human Form
Ingo Appel

Mondays 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Using a live model as an inspiration, interpret the human form according to your own sensibilities. While working primarily in clay, other mediums such as wax, wood, metal, and plaster will be introduced. The work will focus on creating a three-dimensional form, whether full figure, fragments, or bas-relief. Open to all levels.