Peter Bonner

Peter Bonner was born in Australia and he has since studied extensively in Melbourne and New York, and in 2010 he completed a research degree pursuing his interest in perception and the primitive. To this end he spent considerable time in the deserts in central Australia to understand the working methods of Australian Aboriginal Artists. Since then, Peter has lived in and worked in Brooklyn and developed a personal visual language that is both metaphoric and experiential in its evocation of memory and narrative. He has taught Drawing, Painting and Conceptual Thinking at numerous institutions and in a number of countries over the past 13 years. His work has been exhibited extensively both here and abroad, most recently at the John Davis Gallery in Hudson NY.



Abstraction: Development of Language and Imagery
Peter Bonner

Thursdays and Fridays
Thursday 9am - 4pm and Friday 9am - 12pm

We will explore the issues central to Abstract Painting and the function of Drawing in developing one’s own language. This class focusses on developing each artists passion to make abstract art through a range of activities, studying in particular how to explore one’s inspiration and ideas via process and using a language specific to each artist to develop coherent abstract images. Artists are encouraged to work from source material that is personal to them and these will be developed with particular emphasis on drawing and awareness of the visual language while making. It is anticipated that each artist will develop a deeper understanding of their own inclinations and the role they play in their painting. Open to all levels. The instructor will be present on Thursdays.