New York School of the Arts is an educational institution and cultural center committed to innovation and experimentation in art.  We have a dedicated faculty of professional artists who emphasize a collaborative learning environment across a wide range of disciplines.  Our goal is to guide our students to develop their artistic vision and to become enlightened citizens of our world or simply to enjoy the process of creativity. Learning, experimenting, exploring and the development of a creative passion is at the core of our new and dynamic institution.

We guide our International community of students through conceptual thinking, theoretical bases, art history awareness, and the desire to develop criticism. This facilitates the achievement of the student's personal goals as well as encourages the development of the philosophical debate.

At our School, you will feel at home, immersed in our close community of dedicated artists and you will note a difference from other art institutions. Our devoted faculty and staff dedicate themselves to fostering a nurturing learning environment, where human approach and love for art reveals the path to the artist’s creative journey.


Betsy Lawrence