Arts Intensive Program

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The New York School of the Arts is dedicated to providing a supportive environment and an education that is directly relevant to the challenges of working as an artist today. Led by Executive Director Maurizio Pellegrin, the Arts Intensive Program is a dynamic two- or three-year course that provides a supportive environment and an education that is directly relevant to the challenges of a working artist. It focuses on individual development through one-to- one mentoring and practical studio and course work. Each student is provided with his or her own work space.
The program also fosters working relationships with professional artists, and provides access to the vibrant contemporary art scene of New York. Special attention is given to portfolio development, critical thinking, and marketing – including the building of a web presence.


Students in the Arts Intensive Program benefit from:

  • Studio space in a communal environment.  

  • Opportunity to focus on one fine art discipline: Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Drawing, or Mixed Media/Installations.  

  • Course Instruction requirements include 12 courses per year: 4 courses in area of area of concentration, 8 elective courses as well as the opportunity to take an additional 4 classes that are not required but are optional.

  • Ten hours of one-on-one mentorship with faculty members of your choice.

  • Two workshops per year at no additional cost

  • Access to selected school lectures and panel discussions

  • Group critique with a selected faculty member and other Arts Intensive students

  • Professional practice assistance including portfolio preparation and website development

  • Participation in school group exhibitions throughout the academic year

  • Final Exhibition.  

  • A certificate authenticating completion of the curriculum.

Program Tuition


Studio space is available for summer sessions 1 and 2 (June and July) for $450 per month.

Applications for the New York School of the Arts are now open for the year 2018/2019.  The program will commence on a quarterly rolling basis beginning in January. 

For more information please contact Alex Vega at 646-880-4969 or email