Kathryn Cameron

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Kathryn Cameron is a New York artist and she is a graduate of Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Television Production. She studied sculpture, painting, and printmaking at The National Academy Museum and School in New York and is a graduate of the Arts Intensive Program.  She also studied sculpture and painting at the School of Visual Arts and the New York Academy of Arts and papermaking at Carriage House Paper in Brooklyn.  She is also certified in Interior Design by the New York School of Interior Design in New York.  Her work explores the fragility of the mind, body, and spirit through the use of a variety of materials.  Papers, steel, pigments, and wool are the sources for an organized world of poetry and sound which are elegant and measured.

Kathryn Cameron has exhibited nationally and Internationally through solo and group exhibitions in galleries museums and centers for the arts. She created several site-specific indoor and outdoor works in the USA, Europe, and New Zealand.  Her work is included in private and public collections in the United States, Europe, and New Zealand.


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Working with Paper
Kathryn Cameron

Tuesdays 9:30am - 12:30pm
Tuesdays 9:30am - 4pm

This course offers two sections:
-Morning with lecture and studio practice
-Afternoon studio practice

Learn about the alternative methods of making works with paper. A variety of techniques and materials will be explored including the different types of paper available, unusual fibers, adhesives, pigments, and dyes. In addition to working studio time, weekly presentations including historical context, techniques in papermaking, mold-making, and casting, and introductions to other artists working in this medium will be offered. The course will be focused on work in both the two and three-dimensional form, the exploration of a variety of scales and the combination of paper with other materials. All levels of experience are welcomed.

Explorations with Pulp and Paper Clay

Kathryn Cameron

Mondays 1pm - 4 pm

Learn about the endless possibilities of making works with paper pulp and paper clay. This hands-on course will provide an opportunity for students to explore and experience new approaches to working with paper fibers in both the two-dimensional and three- dimensional forms. A variety of techniques and materials will be explored including working with unusual fibers, recycled papers, adhesives, pigments, and dyes. In addition to working studio time, students will explore historical practices, techniques and study other artists working in the medium. Mold-making, casting and the making of hand-made paper will be explored. The course will explore a variety of scales and the investigation of working with paper in combination with other materials. Some demonstration materials are included. All levels of experience are welcome.