Maurizio Pellegrin

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 15, 16, & 17, 2019
10 am - 1 pm

This unique three-morning workshop, led by Maurizio Pellegrin, is structured to accomplish several compositions or works in a large format. The participants will paint and/or draw on huge paper surfaces with any desired paint and technique. Participants will need to bring: (1) colorants (wet or dry) including; paints, inks, charcoal or pencil, (2) large format brushes and, (3) whatever other materials the participant is currently working with. Students may also work with large canvases if desired, but sizes should be a minimum of 4 feet high. Large format paper will be provided. Maurizio will help students to structure form and shape out of the ordinary and will propose a vision and conception of the painting that can be adaptable to all future projects. The student will complete the workshop with a few extraordinary pieces and a firm understanding of how to use this methodology in the future. Come with energy and ambition!


Material List

Maurizio Pellegrin, Individual Life, 1993.jpg


Figure Drawing Movement and Expression Workshop

Jenny Carolin

Monday and Tuesday, August 19 & 20, 2019 1pm-4pm

The purpose of this course is to become acquainted with movement as a quality inherent to life drawing. Through an exploration of essential mark-making, we will be using the immediacy of the gesture drawing to celebrate both the expressive potential of the dynamic pose and the lyricism and grace of the human figure. We will be learning the identify the line of the body, and develop the structure of the form through sequentially longer poses. Finally, we will experiment with materials beyond charcoal, including india ink and pastel, to accentuate fluidity and movement.



Michael Foley

FALL 2019

The courtship between artist and gallerist is not unlike the path to a significant relationship. The search for the right partner, the building of trust, good communication and financial agreements (and maybe even the breakup) all need to be handled along the way. What you will learn are the strategies to most effectively approach a gallery, work with a gallery and maintain a healthy relationship with one. This also means you need to know how to live and act like an artist that a gallery will want to work with. We will clearly define your responsibilities as an exhibiting artist and how to make the complete package of your work, personality and professionalism be as attractive as possible to the gallery that’s right for you.

We will cover pricing strategy, presentation of your work and leveraging social media platforms.


Michael Foley (4).jpg