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After Effects class nyc

Adobe After Effects Crash Course

Davide Cantoni

10am - 12:30pm

One of the most used animation and visual effects packages in the world today. A basic and invaluable tool for any artist, After Effects is increasingly used in the realm of fine art. This workshop will introduce students to the possibilities of AE, students will learn how to get started with the basics of After Effects, building projects and be introduced to the various aspects of working with moving images and creating simple animations. Open to all students. Basic knowledge of photoshop will be a major bonus.


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Photoshop Class nyc

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Davide Cantoni

1pm - 3:30pm

Adobe Photoshop is a complex graphics, image editing software and paint program and it has become an industry standard and an invaluable tool for artists, designers, and photographers, to edit graphics as well as create and manipulate images. Over the duration of this course, we will learn the basics so that you can complete the most essential tasks of image creation and manipulation, but we will also delve into some of the more advanced features so as to get as much out of the program as possible. Open to all students.


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3D modeling class nyc

Introduction workshop to 3D modeling with ZBrush

Ben Dierckx

3 Saturdays in May 4, 11& 18, 2019
1 - 4 pm

In this workshop, you will learn the 3D sculpting techniques in ZBrush, a software program designed by and specifically for artists. ZBrush specializes in free form, the organic process of sculpting, as opposed to a more industrial approach. A wide array of sculpting tools and processes are available for intuitive modeling. 

We will experience the fundamentals of modeling with specific tools and learn about the possibilities in digital space. These new ways of creating forms will provide you a sense of freedom and playfulness using ZBrush and will allow you to improvise once you have mastered the techniques.

You will learn:
The ZBrush interface 
Brushes and strokes
Subdivision and dynamesh
Materials and colors
Preparation for 3D printing

Basic computer skills required*