with Maurizio Pellegrin

This dynamic and intense master class is designed for artists to explore their practice and build historical and conceptual foundations through both practical and theoretical study.  Under the direction of Artist and Executive Director, Maurizio Pellegrin, the program will cover a broad spectrum of cultural topics relating to arts and culture and embody an educational philosophy that aims to place the individual student’s studio practice at the center of the curriculum.

Participants will be recipients of an extensive lecture series and studio practice with one-on-one instruction. Each students experience will be unique, one that combines his or her theoretical study and practical application as it pertains to their project. It will be a result of the work that is completed in the studio as well as through understanding and examining the history, relationships, connections and meaning of their specific project through lectures and research.

The Master Class will include:

  1. Individualized studio instruction by Maurizio Pellegrin

  2. A series of lectures covering a variety of subjects including; Architecture, Art History, Fashion, Photography, and Film

  3. Invitational lectures by art industry experts

  4. Visit to a US Cultural Institution

  5. Participation in a group exhibition at The Hub, our International Gallery on the 6th floor

  6. An exhibition catalog

  7. Bibliography/reference book from Lecture Series

Program Structure

The program is seven (7) months and is broken into fall and spring sections. Students may opt to take only one section, however, must take both sections to be included in the group exhibition. The studio practice will be held on Wednesday from 10 am to 3 pm and Lectures will be held on every other Thursday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.


Course Sessions:

Session 1: October 16, 2019 – January 23, 2020

Session 2: January 29 – April 23, 2020


Application Requirements

Students will need to apply to the program for consideration.  A portfolio with 3 – 5 images of recent work and an artist statement is required.  All works should be photographed and submitted on a flash drive (images should be no larger than 72 dpi) with captions and your artist statement. 

Submissions may be emailed to

Or mailed application to: 

New York School of the Arts
315 Easy 62nd Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10065
Attn: Master Class


Program Tuition:  

Master Class

Session 1:  $3,500   |   Session 2:  $3,500   |   Both Sessions:  $6,000


Lecture Series Only

Session 1: $1,500   |   Session 2:  $1,500   |   Both Sessions:  $3,000