Eric Michelson

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After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University, Michelson moved to New York where he continued his studies at the Art Students League with Robert Beverly Hale, Ted Seth Jacobs and Robert Phillip-three men who have had a profound impact and influence on his own paintings as well as his teaching methodology. He presently lives and maintains a studio in New York City. His work ranges from large mythological compositions to portraits and the occasional still life.


Classical Painting: The Techniques
Eric Michelson

7pm - 10pm

Focus on traditional oil painting techniques that are rarely taught but incredibly useful for painters of all styles. Experiment with underpainting and grisaille techniques, as well as alla prima exercises to improve your
understanding of composition, value, and color. The goal will be to explore the rich variety of painting approaches and methods used since the Renaissance. All levels are


Drawing: The Figure
Eric Michelson

9:30am - 12:30pm

Understanding the basics of drawing the figure allows you to organize light, shade, gesture, and rhythm into a single expressive whole. Working individually with the instructor, you’ll be introduced to varied drawing approaches and techniques, and develop your skills and insights. Open to students of all levels.

Figure Painting
Eric Michelson

9am - 12pm

Explore the rich variety of figure painting methods by looking at the underlying structure of the human form and means of achieving a vivid, varied surface that truly brings the form to life. Explore a rich variety of methods, including brushwork, knife techniques, glazing, and anatomy. Develop a critical eye by de-emphasizing distracting details to construct a compelling image. All levels welcome.