Davide Cantoni

Davide Cantoni was born in Italy, Cantoni completed his BA Fine Art at the Slade School in London where he was awarded a Boise travel scholarship in 1988 for an exchange year at the Hochschule Der Kunst in Berlin. Attended the Royal College of Art and received an MA (RCA) in Painting in 1993. His work has been shown extensively in Europe and the USA as well as Asia, and is included in many public and private collections, MOMA and OSRAM collections amongst others.  Cantoni’s artistic practice has over the years has focused on the way our society presents images and how they are consumed, Cantoni’s particular interest is in relation to news imagery published in the New York Times. He has lived and worked in NYC for the last 20 years.



Individual Painting: The Studio Practice
Davide Cantoni

Thursdays & Fridays
1pm - 4pm

This class will help you to start or continue the practice and criticism of painting. Open-ended exercises stimulate creative and technical growth, while individual instruction can help you develop your awareness of critical concepts. Students work individually with the instructor and then come together for a group discussion once a month. What does it take to be creative, self- expressive, conceptually sound and an innovator in today’s Art world? You will work to develop your personal project to create work that has both visual and conceptual impact. Please note that this class does not use a model. The instructor will be present on Fridays.