Michiyo Fukushima


Michiyo Fukushima received her first recognition as one of the winners when she submitted her 51"x64" inch oil painting to National High-school competition by Mr. Yasuji Asaba's encouragement, who suggested her to be his pupil during her high-school years. Although she loved painting and drawing she took a path to be a photographer and worked for magazines for few years after graduating two-year college in Tokyo.  While enjoying photography, she felt it wasn't really fulfilling her passion for creation and decided to study abroad to get back to art again and to broaden life experience.  Her encounter with watercolor was rather by accident as it was the only class available at that time of registration. It didn't take much time that she found herself falling love with the medium.  She is represented by Fischbach gallery and her works have been successfully exhibited in Osaka, Tokyo (Both with Takashimaya) New York and Miami. She is teaching regularly at the New York Academy of Art and Art Students League for workshops.  Her works have been featured in numerous magazines, art books, and newspapers such as Internation herald tribuneAmerican Artist, and Splash series.



Watercolor: The Techniques
Michiyo Fukushima

Mondays 9am -12pm

Gain an understanding of traditional watercolor techniques: wet-into-wet, layering transparent washes and experimenting with various materials. The instructor— classically trained —will demonstrate loose and controlled watercolor techniques as it’s needed. Teaching will be individually adapted to your direction and level. Students will work from own references such as photographs and sketches.


Watercolor: The Perception
Michiyo Fukushima

7pm - 9pm

Perception as a source for imagery will be explored in this class. Formal elements of painting such as composition, tone, and color will be pursued while maintaining an appreciation for the immediacy and fluidity of watercolor. We will cover basic technique such as wet on wet, dry brush, color mixing by layers and so on. Individual attention demonstrations and group critiques will help each student develop their own voice. All levels are welcome, although prior drawing experience is helpful.