Summer Courses 

We offer courses in a wide variety of concentrations and schedules. Explore our offerings below.

Summer Session I: June 4 - June 30, Session II: July 9 - August 4, and August Workshops

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Jenny Carolin drawing.jpg

Figure Drawing: Movement and Expression through Gesture
Jenny Carolin
Monday & Tuesday, 9:30am-12:30pm

August 6, 7

The purpose of this course is to become acquainted with movement as a quality inherent to life drawing. Through an exploration of essential mark-making, we will be using the immediacy of the gesture drawing to celebrate both the expressive potential of the dynamic pose and the lyricism and grace of the human figure. We will be learning the identify the line of the body, and develop the structure of the form through sequentially longer poses. Finally, we will experiment with materials beyond charcoal, including india ink and pastel, to accentuate fluidity and movement.

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Color Theory
Edmond Rochat
Monday & Tuesday; 4pm-7pm

August 13, 14

In this two day workshop students will learn the basics of color theory and its practical application to oil painting. If we are to mix our colors with accuracy our choices must be routed in sound theory. After a lecture and demonstration the class will implement this theory by creating small color studies on panel. By implementing the theory students will see how it influences their color decisions and guides them towards intelligent and strategic painting practices. Further, these color studies ultimate purpose is to act as a compositional studies where the foundations of pictorial design can be realized. Through the rigorous examination of color relationships the artist becomes sensitized to color harmony and will ultimately design freely and purposefully.

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Large Format Workshop
Maurizio Pellegrin
Monday - Wednesday; 1pm - 4pm

August 13, 14 & 15


This unique three-day workshop is structured to accomplish several compositions/works in a large format.  The participants will paint and/or draw on huge cardboard surfaces with black, white, and ocher tempera paint which will be provided.  Participants will need to bring their own paint, if another paint is preferred, large format brushes and charcoal sticks.  Using a simple still life, Maurizio will help students to structure form and shape out of the ordinary and will propose a vision and conception of the painting adaptable to all future projects.  The student will go home with three extraordinary pieces and a firm understanding of how to use this methodology in the future. Come with energy and ambition. 



Water-based monotype for painters and printmakers
Kathy Caraccio    
Monday & Tuesday, 10am-1pm

August 20 & 21

Lane,Joan_Central Park_2002_waterbased monotype_12%22x8%22.jpeg

If you are an artist who works in watercolor and water-based media, or a printmaker who wants to experiment, this class is meant for you. This monotype process offers chemically safe and luminous color which can be applied with tools like brushes, brayers, sponges and squeegees. For the traditional printmaker the use of stencils and Caran D’Ache water soluble crayons will be encouraged. Multiple printing and ghosting will be featured. Novices and experienced artists are welcomed.

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Martha Bloom, Repose with Rose.JPG

Collage and Assemblage
Martha Bloom     
Tuesday & Wednesday, 3pm - 6pm    

August 28 & 29  

This workshop combines methods and ideas for combining materials images and objects to best express personal experience and artistic stories. Each student will be encouraged to make art of their own with careful attention provided. 

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Please contact the school office at or 646-880-9050 to register.