Weiqing Yuan

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Yuan received his BFA from the Jingdezhen Academy of Arts in Jiangxi, China. He has also received a three-year certificate of study at the National Academy School, where he won a travel scholarship. He studied sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and then became Vice-Chair of the Sculpture Department and Professor of Drawing and Sculpture at the Shandong Art Institute.  In the US he has taught pastel workshops at the Suburban Art League and  watercolor and pastel workshops at the National Academy. In addition to exhibiting his work in China, he has exhibited with the Pastel Society of America, Audubon Artists of America, the American Artists Professional League, and the Salmagundi Club. Mr. Yuan has received numerous awards, including the Daler-Rowney Prize for Watercolor, the Frank Webb Award for Aqueous Media, and the Ralph Weiler Memorial Prize.



Watercolor: The Techniques
Weiqing Yuan

Mondays & Thursdays
9am -12pm

Gain an understanding of traditional watercolor techniques: wet-into-wet, layering transparent washes and experimenting with various papers. The instructor—classically trained in portrait, figure, cityscape, and landscape—will demonstrate loose and controlled watercolor techniques. Teaching will be individually adapted to your direction and level.


Sculpture: Portrait
Weiqing Yuan

4pm - 7pm

In this course, you will learn how to do a realistic human head from start to finish, exploring the anatomy of the face in-depth, proportions, features, and expressions. You’ll learn the principles of building armatures and handling clay. All work in clay from the life model. All levels of experience are welcomed.


Weiqing Yuan

10am - 4pm

Learn the basic traditional technique of terracotta sculpture, including clay-work skills, modeling, and handling the process of the clay from wet to dry then baked in a kiln. Through demonstration and individual instruction, you will learn to make a complete sculpture in terracotta. Sculpture in a variety of styles will be encouraged. Open to all levels.