Karla Carballar


Carballar was born in Mexico. Lives and works in New York. Her work in video, photography and installation has been exhibited in the US, Mexico, Asia and Europe, including ExTeresa Arte Actual Museum, Mexico; Today Art Museum, China; the Stadsschouwburg Theater, The Netherlands; Aferro Gallery, NJ; Pingyao International Photography Festival, China. She was an Artist in Residence at the Watermill Center in October 2014 with the art-collective Lydian Junction. She holds an MFA in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice (DIAP) from City College, CUNY; an MA from New York University, and a BA in Graphic Design and Photography from Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City. She teaches photography and video art at NYU and Manhattan College.

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Photographing your Artwork

Karla Carballar

Wednesdays 4pm - 6pm

This class will introduce you to the principles of documenting your own artwork in the best possible way with the resources available to you. Through hands on demonstrations and technical instruction you will learn the basic photography principles and optimal camera settings. We will cover lighting, white balance, and camera placement to best represent your work and capture color accurately. By using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop you will learn how to resize, crop, manipulate exposure, balance color and combine multiple files to improve the documentation of your work. Finally, we will cover how to save and export your files for the proper outlet: print, web, distribution, etc.


Photography as Art

Karla Carballar

Mondays 1pm - 3pm

This class will explore the use of photography as a way of expression in contemporary art. A series of weekly assignments will encourage students to explore and expand their creative vision. The class will cover technical issues such as how to use a camera, exposure, light sources, managing color, and the use of the computer programs Photoshop and Lightroom to manage and adjust your images. Through weekly presentations, students will become familiar with a variety of approaches to the medium as well as a range of international artists working with photography today. We will conduct regular critiques that will analyze the student’s objectives, intentions, and conceptual ideas. Open to all.