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Kathryn Cameron Working with Paper

Working with Paper

Kathryn Cameron

Mondays 9:30am - 12:30pm
Mondays 9:30am - 4pm

This course offers two sections:
-Morning with lecture and studio practice
-Afternoon studio practice

Learn about the alternative methods of making works with paper. A variety of techniques and materials will be explored including the different types of paper available, unusual fibers, adhesives, pigments, and dyes.  In addition to working studio time, weekly presentations including historical context, techniques in papermaking, mold-making, and casting, and introductions to other artists working in this medium will be offered.  The course will be focused on work in both the two and three-dimensional form, the exploration of a variety of scales and the combination of paper with other materials. All levels of experience are welcomed.

Morning Only $300
Full Day $550

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Borquin Galle Sculpture

Advanced Studio

Borinquen Gallo

Tuesdays - Wednesdays
1pm - 4pm (Fall 2019)

In this intensive, transformative learning experience for artists ready to work at the professional level, we will explore a variety of new media. Lectures, conceptual study, and studio activity will encompass painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation, as well as photography and video. You’ll be encouraged to use any technique and embark on your own individual projects. The instructor will be present Tuesday


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Michele Liebler painting and drawing with mixed media

Painting and Drawing with Mixed Media

Michele Liebler

1pm - 4pm

Experiment with a variety of mediums in combination with various type of surfaces. Students can use Graphite, Gouache, Watercolor, Oil paint and Colored Pencils in this class. The surface directly influences mark making whether your style is traditional or contemporary. Many different artists used mixed media such as Degas, Romare Bearden, Jasper John, Jim Dine and Rauschenberg just to name a few. The combinations are endless, but the basic idea is to combine and layer materials to create unique works. Students will be encouraged to work from their choice of subjects such as still life, figure, designs and their own sketches. The point of this class is for students to discover their own visual language. Beginners to advanced students are welcomed.


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Collage class nyc

Collage and Assemblage

Martha Bloom

4pm - 7pm

Participants are welcome at any level of experience to attend this supportive class of collage and assemblage. Inventive techniques and the development of one's unique vision in a supportive environment. Students are encouraged to bring their own collections of imagery found objects, mementos, and more while some unusual materials will be provided for enhancement and execution. Bringing hard surfaces of wood stretched canvas and cardboard is suggested to which work can be attached along with scissors, glue, tools and pigments desired and necessary for connecting and enhancement. Individual guidance will be offered to help cultivate personal creative processes and perception. Working with personal collections can help make the process of artmaking more expansive and the artwork more meaningful and genuine.


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